Workshop on the typology of indicators and tools

Lucas Porsch presents the vision of NETGREEN.

A critical input to NETGREEN was a one-day workshop held in The Hague (The Netherlands) on Wednesday, 11 June 2014. It was attended by potential users of the database from various EU Member States and co-chaired by Floor Brouwer (LEI Wageningen UR) and Lucas Porsch (Ecologic Insitute). Advisory board members Paul Allin (Imperial College London) and Jan Bakkes (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) were also in attendance.

The workshop started with a presentation of the vision of NETGREEN by Lucas Porsch (project coordinator) and Melanie Kemper, both from Ecologic Institute. They clarified what the NETGREEN database will and will not do, in addition to unveiling some first scribbles of the user interface. Afterwards, Karen Jeffrey (New Economics Foundation) explained how policy questions will be used as one entry points into the database, helping users navigate to the most useful indicators for them.

The discussion then shifted to the indicators themselves. René Verburg (LEI Wageningen UR) presented the methodology used by the NETGREEN team to identify and select indicators to be included in the first version of the database. Inês Cosme then explained what information users need to identify the right indicators for their purpose.

For the last part of the workshop, NETGREEN invited two external organizations who have potential synergies with the NETGREEN project to address the workshop participants. Thomasz Kozluk (OECD) presented the Green Growth Knowledge Platform, and Markus Hametner (Vienna University of Economics and Business) presented the European Sustainable Development Network. In both cases, ideas of potential future collaboration with NETGREEN were highlighted.

Throughout the whole workshop, attendees actively participated in the discussion and were encouraged to question any assumptions made by the NETGREEN team. This resulted in a fruitful workshop which will inform the next steps in the design of the NETGREEN database.


All presentations from the workshop are available for download below.


Wednesday, 11 June 2014


The Hague