LEI Wageningen UR

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LEI Wageningen UR develops economic expertise for government bodies and industry in the field of food, agriculture and the natural environment. By means of independent research, LEI offers its customers a solid basis for socially and strategically justifiable policy choices.

Together with the Department of Social Sciences and the Wageningen UR, Centre of Development Innovation, LEI Wageningen UR forms the Social Sciences Group.

Team members

Floor Brouwer

Floor is an environmental economist, working in the research domain Green Economy and Climate Change. He holds a PhD in economics for a study on integrated economic-ecological modelling. Currently, Floor is in charge of research supporting governments in green economy strategies. In NETGREEN, he coordinates the workpackage to develop a typology for structuring the indicator and reporting initiatives.

René Verburg

René Verburg (PhD) is a senior research fellow at LEI. He is a trained natural scientist with an economic interest, working in the field of natural resource management, climate change, land-use systems, biodiversity, and impact assessments. René carries out research on green growth, low-carbon economy and circular economy with special emphasis on policy development and analysis.