Ecologic Institute

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Ecologic Institute is a private not-for-profit think tank for applied environmental research, policy analysis and consultancy with offices in Berlin and Brussels. Founded in 1995, Ecologic is dedicated to bringing fresh ideas to environmental policies and to promoting sustainable development. Ecologic Institutes's work programme focuses on obtaining practical results and on enhancing the importance of environmental protection and sustainable resource management in the fields of foreign and security policy, international relations and global governance structures. As an independent, non-partisan body, it undertakes applied research and analysis to increase awareness and understanding of the political, economic and technological forces driving global change.

Team members

Lucas Porsch

Lucas is a Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute and the project coordinator of NETGREEN. As an economist, his work focuses on impact assessments, policy evaluations, and welfare indicators. Before his time with Ecologic Institute, Lucas Porsch worked as an economic advisor and consultant for six years in the United Kingdom. He also created evaluations of urban renewal policy in Eastern Germany, and advised two high-level political commissions concerning surplus housing in Eastern Germany and social housing in Berlin. Within NETGREEN, his main role is to manage the project and establish a business continuity plan. He is also involved in other project tasks such as the identification of different pathways towards a green economy, the creation of an indicator database and the organization of policy workshops.

Terri Kafyeke

Terri is a Transatlantic Fellow at Ecologic Institute, where she mainly works on green economy and impact assessment projects. She holds a MEnv in Environmental Assessment and a BSc in Environmental Biology. Prior to her joining Ecologic Institute, Terri worked as a freelance writer for a website promoting solar energy and as a part-time researcher in an ecotoxicology laboratory. As part of the NETGREEN consortium, Terri is involved in project management, the organization of policy workshops, the preparation of policy briefs and business continuity planning. She is also the website's content manager.

Marius Hasenheit

Marius writes his Master thesis within the NETGREEN project and works part time for Ecologic Institute. He holds a BSc in BioGeoSciences and is currently enrolled in the MSc Global Change Ecology program. In his work, he will focus on the relationships between the indicators and search for synergies and trade-offs. He is dedicated to the combination of social and ecological policy making.

Christian Bruhn

I am the site's admin.