MWM Report - Global Goals that work: For business, government and people

Publication Date: 

Monday, 11 July 2016 - 4:40pm


Emily Benson - Green Economy Coalition

The forum brought together leaders from across government, business, finance and civil society to inspire action towards achievement of the SDGs, and share practical examples of how different actors are adopting the Global Goals and measuring progress.

The report "Global Goals that work: for business, government and people" highlights both the opportunity and the risk posed by the SDGs for stakehodlers across global, national, corporate and local levels. 

It offers five practical principles to help businesses, national statistical bodies, policy makers and international institutions re-align their understanding of progress to start measuring what matters through the SDG framework.

  1. 1. Set the direction
    In an increasingly interdependent world, the SDGs provide decision makers – national, corporate and community – with a framework to think strategically across a range of variables over a fifteen year period.
  2. 2. Connect and collaborate
    Tackling the issues at the heart of the SDGs is a job too big for a single organisation or nation. This is a chance for purposeful dialogue – for governments to engage their citizens, for businesses to find out what the public needs.
  3. 3. Share information and build capacity
    A data revolution is underway but there are major gaps in power and knowledge. This calls for creative ways of sharing information and building capacity.
  4. 4. Integrate
    Integrating the SDGs into strategies and institutions is an opportunity to rewire the DNA of decision-making so that nations, businesses and communities can minimise risk and grasp new opportunities.
  5. 5. Communicate progress
    Open and accessible data is not enough if we are not communicating progress. All players benefit if we can answer the question – are we on track for a sustainable future?

You can read and download the full report from the Measure What Matters website by clicking here.

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