Advisory board

NETGREEN has an international advisory board composed of leaders in the fields of indicators and green economy. These experts attend internal project meetings as well as workshops. They participate in discussions, review deliverables and provide expert advice throughout the duration of the research project.

Dr. Maja Göpel

Maja became Head of the Berlin office of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy in early 2013 and works in transition research for resilient and just models of prosperity with a system point of view. She holds a PhD in Political Economy and a diploma in Media and Communication and has always connected science, civil society and policy work. Maja enjoys lecturing and supported several NGO networks on ecology, globalization and justice before joining the launch of the World Future Council (WFC) in 2006 where she set up several campaigning programs on climate/energy, finance, and oceans governance before founding and directing the department on Future Justice in Brussels from 2008-2012. Here the focus lay on identifying “best policies” for sustainability and the representation of future generations in policy-making and jurisdiction. 

From a political economy point of view changing the current ideas and measures of economic growth has always been a cross-cutting issue in Maja’s work: from her point of view they are key drivers of unsustainable development paths and their update to 21st Century science a high leverage point for transformative change.

Jean-Louis Weber

After 15 years spent in the national accounts department of the French Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, Jean-Louis joined in 1986 the Ministry of Environment as Secretary General of the Interministerial Committee on Ecosystem Patrimony Accounting. He has participated in the creation of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and of the French Institute of Environment (IFEN), of which he was nominated Director of Programmes and International Affairs in 1992. In 2001, Jean-Louis joined the European Environment Agency.  He worked as EEA representative in the UN Committee on Economic and Environmental Accounting (2007-2013) and Special Adviser in charge of the implementation of Ecosystem Capital Accounts for Europe. Jean-Louis retired in 2012 and was nominated to the EEA Scientific Committee in 2013; he is also adviser to the Government of Mauritius and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity on ecosystem capital accounting matters.

Paul Allin

Paul Allin is Visiting Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London.  He is researching and writing on the broad issue of national wellbeing.  This aims to assess how a country is doing these days, including how sustainable it is.  His work includes asking why we want such measures and how they are to be used. Within the 'big picture' of national wellbeing there are many specific agendas, including sustainable development, green growth (or green economy), social and human development.  Paul has retired from a career of almost 40 years in the UK Government Statistical Service.  His final post was founding and directing the Measuring National Well-being programme at the UK Office for National Statistics.

Jan Bakkes

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Jan Bakkes is Senior Project Leader at the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. He is also vice-president of The Integrated Assessment Society (TIAS). Prior to this, he worked at the OECD, the National Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM), the World Bank, Statistics Netherlands and Pennwalt chemical industry. Jan studied chemistry and spatial planning. He is experienced in global and European outlooks.